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Club Show 2018

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Clubshow on Saturday, 21 July 2018 and 
Specialty Show on Sunday, 22 July 2018 

Approved by the German Kennel Club Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V. 

Our Clubshow weekend 2018 will take place in the heart of Germany, in Bad Tabarz located in the beautiful Thuringian Forest. Hotel 'Am Burgholz' will host us for both the Clubshow and the Specialty Show. We have booked the entire hotel for our event. The hotel grounds also offer spaces for mobile homes.

On Friday afternoon, Birgit Brüger and Gabriele Hill offer a show training class at 6pm.

Please message Birgit if you would like to participate.


During the Clubshow, the following competitions take place:
Best head (males and females)
Best movement (males and females)
Best ridge

Only dogs listed in the catalogue for Saturday are eligible. However, they must be entered for the respective competitions separately. Entries can be made together with the entry for the exhibition via the online form. The participation fee is € 5.00 per competition.

ATTENTION! The competitions will take place ONLY on Saturday at the Club Show!

As every year, there will be a tombola right after the gala dinner. The proceeds will be shared equally by the association "Ridgeback in Not (Ridgeback Rescue)" and "Club ELSA e.V.".
Tickets for the tombola can be bought for a price of € 2.00 each during the day at the show area and also in the evening before and during the gala dinner.

On Saturday, the gala evening takes place in the Hotel Am Burgholz where we will enjoy a splendid meal and honour the Coursingmasters 2018 and hold the tombola.
Please check below for further information.


Hotel Am Burgholz
Am Burgholz 30
99891 Bad Tabarz
Devision of the day:
approx. 8.00 – 9.00 Uhr Admission of the dogs
approx. 10.00 – 16.30 Uhr Judging

Organizer: Club E.L.S.A. e.V.

Saturday, 21 July 2018 – Clubshow:
Mr. Clayton H. Heathcock (Camelot Kennel, USA) - Males & BOB
Mrs. Monika Tusanova (Tusani Kennel, SK) - Females

Sunday, 22 July 2018 – Specialty Show:
Mrs. Monika Tusanova (Tusani Kennel, SK) - Males & BOB
Mr. Clayton H. Heathcock (Camelot Kennel, USA) - Females

Management of the show:
Melanie Nowak
Heuhohlweg 1
61462 Königstein
Tel.: +49 (0) 6174 - 993 985

The exhibition management is entitled to make changes to the program, this can also include  additions or a change of judges. 

Sequencing of the judging:
Noncompetitive-, Baby-, Veteran-, Puppy-, Youth-, Intermediate-, Champion-, Open Class

Youth CAC VDH/Club E.L.S.A. , CAC VDH/Club E.L.S.A., Veteran CAC VDH/Club E.L.S.A

Club Show:
Club-Youthwinner male and female
Clubwinner best male and best female
Best head (males and females)
Best movement (males and females)
Best Ridge

1st entry deadline is 09.06.2018 / 2nd entry deadline is 23.06.2018

   You will receive an official entry confirmation.
   Please transfer the entry fee as soon as possible after the registration, by 24.06.2018 at the latest.
   Thank you!

Payments only by transfer to account

Club E.L.S.A.
Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank eG Husum-Eiderstedt-Viöl
IBAN DE20 217 625 50 001 464 0 683

Note: Name of the dog / Clubshow 2018


Please include a copy of the recognized champion title certificate if you enter a dog into Champion class, otherwise we will have to categorize the dog as Open class. Please send the certificate to following email address: Opens window for sending email to : onlinemeldung(at)club-elsa(dot)de

No more entries are accepted after the 2nd entry deadline – 23.06.2018!

Entry Fees 1st entry deadline (09.06.2018) Club Show
Both days
For the 1st dog: € 45,00 € 45,00 € 80,00
For every additional dog (without catalog): € 40,00€ 40,00€ 70,00
Veteran class: €  5,00 €  5,00 € 10,00
Puppy class, Baby class, „fun classes": € 20,00€ 20,00€ 30,00
Breeders group (team), Progeny group, Brace/couple class: € 30,00 € 30,00  
each competition:
€  5,00

Entry Fees 1st entry deadline (23.06.2018) Club Show
Both days
For the 1st dog: € 55,00 € 55,00 € 100,00
For every additional dog (without catalog): € 50,00€ 50,00€ 90,00
Veteran class: €  5,00 €  5,00 € 10,00
Puppy class, Baby class, „fun classes": € 30,00€ 30,00€ 50,00
Breeders group (team), Progeny group, Brace/couple class: € 30,00 € 30,00  
each competition: €  5,00

The submission of the Entry-Form shall be regarded as exhibitor’s declaration stating that he/she knows the VDH Show-Regulations and will ovserve them.

Each participating dog must be vaccinated against rabies. Please bring the vaccination certificate!


To prevent any disappointment, please contact us asap at  onlinemeldung(at)club-elsa(dot)de if you don’t receive an email directly after submitting your entry nor an official entry confirmation within 2 or 3 days. In this case we haven’t received your entry!    



We have booked the entire Hotel Am Burgholz for our event. Until 6 weeks before the show, you can reserve your room with ‘password’ ‘Club ELSA’ by email to or by telephone via +49 (0)36259 54-0. After this time, the rooms will be up for sale to the general public. 

For rates and further information about Hotel Am Burgholz, please refer to the hotel’s website.

Room rates include breakfast, WiFi and use of the sports and wellness facilities. 

A cleaning fee of € 10.00 per dog and day will be charged.

The hotel offers a limited number of spaces for mobile homes for a price of € 10.00 € per day. Please note that these are without water or power connection. For the use of showers and toilets in the hotel € 5.00 are charged per person and day. Participation in the breakfast buffet is optional and costs € 7.00 per person and day.

Mobile homes have to be registered with the hotel directly; billing will also be done by the hotel.

Gala evening on Saturday, 21.07.2018

The chef at Hotel Am Burgholz will treat us to an excellent mixture of culinary delights at the gala dinner on Saturday evening. The price for the dinner is € 28.00 per person. Drinks are not included and will be charged separately.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 100 people. Please register via 

Online entry Gala dinner

and transfer the corresponding amount to our account:

Club E.L.S.A. 

Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank eG Husum-Eiderstedt-Viöl
IBAN DE20 217 625 50 001 464 0 683

Note: Advert Club show 2018

Right after dinner, our tombola will take place. As usual, our generous sponsors will provide lots of nice donations in kind. Afterwards, we will honour the Coursingmasters 2018. The big reveal will once again be rather exciting, because our coursing events are getting more and more popular and many Club ELSA members are very successful at national and international races.

We look forward to a pleasant evening with you!